From a Fashion Business to Crystal Healing…

So often, what we are meant to do in life stems from what we loved in childhood. For me, it was crystals. I had a collection of them, and proudly wore a rose quartz heart pendant over the eyelet collar of my dress in my grade three class photo. By grade four, though, I’d moved on to other things. 

Fast-forward and my career began with starting an eco-fashion retail and e-commerce company. After being on the business side of things for 8 years, I realized that even though I had achieved my dream, I still hadn’t found that soul-level fulfillment that I hoped for. I knew that here had to be life … after the dream. 

A pivot into business coaching lit me up, and I was invested in supporting others, and I also couldn’t ignore that I felt a strong pull to healing and a more soul-full aspect to my work. And even now as I look back on it, I was always trying to include elements of the mystical into my coaching practice. 

Intuitively I knew that there was a more spiritual side to the work I was meant to do, I just wasn’t sure yet what that looked like. One thing I did know was that it involved nurturing a part of myself that I had ignored for years. This seeking lead me to this place I’d never considered…

A new path unfolded, and this time it sparkled. It felt exciting and familiar at the same time. Like a homecoming.

Through a personal deep dive, I returned to the crystals that had meant so much to me as a child. Being able to share all of this and assist in your healing practice means so much.

Thank you for being here!

xx Nicole

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There are many healing modalities out there (and I’ve tried them all!) but,

what draws me most to crystal healing - and what I want my savvy, smart, and wholehearted clients to know - is the concept of using energy, intuition, and intention to reconnect with your whole self.

It’s self-healing with the support of mother nature’s gift: crystals. They’re a stunning tool and crystals help us with balancing, with grounding, and with being more open, among so many other things. 

I’m thrilled to introduce you to the healing properties of these stones, and to be your guide as we discover how crystals can help you break through resistance, tune into your true essence, and lead the life that you are called to from the inside out.

Client Experience...

Nicole so generously performed a distance crystal healing session for me. I really had no idea what to expect, but the whole experience was so wonderful and felt truly nurturing. Nicole was so thoughtful in her process and I could tell that she took the time to really connect with me and what I most needed. The messages she sent me afterwards were filled with tons of details about each of my chakras, what was flowing and what was blocked and tips on how I could focus on clearing my chakras on my own. It felt incredibly nurturing. It’s amazing the energy that can be created when one person generously shares their gifts with another, even hundreds of miles apart. I could feel the care she put into my healing and was so touched by the whole experience. Since then, I’ve been playing with some of the tips she gave me and feel like I have a better read on each of my chakras and when they feel balanced and when one may need some love and attention. Thank you, Nicole, for sharing your gifts with me.
— Shannon, California, USA