Distance Crystal Healing Session

Have you heard the line, “where attention goes, the energy flows?” Crystal healing is a supportive method used to balance and clear your energy fields.

Your natural state is vital to your wellbeing: mental, physical, and spiritual.

Why use crystals? The qualities of crystals are impressive. Their stability and frequency are what our systems resonate with.

It doesn’t hurt that they’re stunning to look at, but they also function beyond our five senses.

A distance crystal healing begins with checking your energy centres (also known as chakras) to see where you may be already balanced, or in need of extra attention. The crystals, combined with the intention, serve to restore your system to its natural equilibrium.

Please note: energy healing is not a substitute for seeking professional medical advice and treatment. I am not a medical professional and cannot diagnose or prescribe.

What do you have to do? 

The beauty of a distance healing is that you don’t have to do anything. I work with your energy field remotely. No fighting traffic or interrupting the flow of your day.

To book your session for a specific time please contact me before submitting an online order. I’ll do my best to accommodate, depending on time zones. Clients have reported powerful results even when unaware of the exact healing time (it’s even fine if you’re sleeping!).

Both of us affirming and holding the intention for a healing to occur is the main component.

Energy healing isn’t a mental exercise and the time or distance doesn’t impact the process. It’s physics, really. Think quantum, baby!


Ready to Book Your Session?

  • Complete the intake form and submit your payment securely online [ click here ].

  • When booking your session you can include a note if you have any areas (health, finances, relationships, emotional state, intuition etc) or concerns you’d like to address specifically but it’s not necessary.

  • Once your order is received your distance crystal healing will be completed within 48 hours* (Note: healing sessions are done Monday through Friday, MST). 

  • Your healing is done individually and one hour is dedicated to your session.

What You Receive:

Beyond the immediate benefits of receiving a distance energy healing to clear and balance your energy centres, you’ll also get some things in your inbox including:

  • a custom written report which will include an overview of your energy centres (chakras) as well as any impressions I may have to share. 

  • a photo and names of the crystals used during your session.

  • simple and practical recommendations for your ongoing maintenance and self-care.

  • an invite to continue healing sessions when you feel the need for ongoing support. 

Additional Reported Benefits From Clients Include:

  • connection with intuition

  • vivid visions and dreams

  • feeling of open-heartedness

  • deep resonance and personal confirmation


“Thank you Nicole for my crystal healing session. When I read your report, I thought, “Wow! This is so spot on!”. What’s amazing is the fact that you worked on my chakras remotely, without asking a single question. There was no scheduling or interruption to my day. I received confirmation on which of my chakras I needed to give the most attention and TLC to. I love the practical tips you provided to help support and nurture those chakras, including names of essential oils and crystals. Once again, I am grateful for the healing and am excited to organize another session with you.”


Not sure if a energy healing is right for you? Send me a note and we can discuss! Click here to submit your message.

“Nicole graciously offered to do a crystal/chakra clearing for me and I was thrilled with her reading and her attention to detail! It allowed me to further connect with my intuition and subconscious. Not knowing too much about the process, she explained each element to me in ways I could understand as a newbie and answered my questions. She also included photos, which helped as it was a distance reading. I would recommend this process!”