Distance Crystal Healing - 60 Mins


Distance Crystal Healing - 60 Mins


A distance crystal healing will be done for you individually with the intention of balancing and clearing your energy centres (also known as chakras). If you include a specific intention or area of concern in your intake form that you’d like to focus on that will also be included in your session. After your crystal healing session is complete you will receive via email:

  • a written report and overview of your session

  • a photo and names of crystals used

  • practical tips for your ongoing maintenance and self-care

  • an invitation to additional healing sessions based on your needs

Healing sessions are done Monday through Friday, MST. You do not have to do anything while the session is being done, but if you would like to pre-arrange a specific time please contact me via the contact page prior to submitting an order. I’ll do my best to accommodate depending on time zones.

Please note these sessions are non-refundable and bookings are considered final. Prices are in USD and will be converted to your local currency via your financial institution.

It’s an honour to work with you in this way. Blessings!

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